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The Siemens PICV is an Automatic Flow Control Valve with the addition of precise Modulating Flow Control. The Siemens *Pressure Independent Control Valve* (PICV) integrates three functions into a single device: control valve, adjustable flow limiter, and automatic pressure regulator. The automatic pressure regulator dynamically balances the circuit by maintaining a consistent flow through the valve, when system pressure fluctuates. The Control Valve adjust the flow rate through the adjustable flow limiter. The result is consistent flow control at an electrically controlled range of flow rates. The valve includes a shut off ball valve and two pressure/temperature test ports for flow verification and diagnostics.


Balance Type:

PICV with adjustable max. flow setting & optional 3 Pt. floating

Body Design:

Brass Valve + PICV w/ PT's, GPM dial.


Brass - ANSI 250 rating

Ball Valve:

Body/Stem:  Brass
Ball:              Chrome Plated Brass
O-Ring:         EPDM
Seat:              PTFE


Stainless Steel

Close Off:

1/2" to 1-1/4", Normally Open - 200 psi/ANSI Class IV
1-1/2" & 2", Normally Open - 100 psi/ANSI Class IV,
1/2"  to 1-1/4" Normally Closed - 45 psi/ANSI Class II

Flow Characteristic:

2-Way, Linear

Min. psid:

Varies with GPM Setting

Max. psid:



Spring Return (Fail Safe): 24 volt, 3 point floating or 24 volt 0-10Vdc
Non-Spring Return (Fail-in-Place): 24 volt 3 point floating or 24 volt 0-10Vdc

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